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Don't you want to be absolved of your sins?

I'm not finished with them yet.

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Name:A Kiss Can Be Even Deadlier If You Mean It.
Birthdate:Oct 11
INTEGRITY does not blow in the wind or change with the tide.
It is the INNER IMAGE of your true self.
Measure yourself to the height of your own standards.

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

I woke up, broke free, drove a long time
It didn't purge you from my mind
Hang up the halo, maybe you're right
Chalk it up to a starry night
To be set free, to live and learn
Did we pass or fail the term?
Give me your reason, give me your rhyme
So I can tempo me to your time
So I can scratch your surface and be
A deeper part of the mystery
And so all of the lovers will say
Forever star-crossed will we stay
Still I can't help feeling
Castaway on any given day
Still I can't help feeling
You'll run away on any given day

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